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Trailblazing Design
Is Our Expertise


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Complicated Design is our expertise

Forging Your Dreams with the Finest Features

Our expertise is working with the needs and wants of medium to large businesses. You deserve a website that you are proud of.   

Or focus is to simplify your business by creating an online space where you can run all aspects of the business.  Whether you need a better way to manage your employees, customers or maybe you think that invoicing should be easier (it should), we can make it happen. 

Screen shot of WIX services page

Make your life easier with a customized booking platform built into your website.   Your booking process will look and feel good on all devices, giving your customers a nice easy process when booking some time with you.   Need to charge a deposit, full payment or want to send automated reminders to your customers? No problem. 

Screen shot of WIX customer CRM

Moving your business online with one of our websites allows you to run your business in one place including keeping in touch with your customers and with leads.  

Allow your customers to become a member or send emails out to new leads. Never forget important conversations as they are all in one place on your website.   Store files, share files, send quotes, send badges and coupons and so much more. 

enefit from it. This is the place to add a short description with relevant details, like pricing, duration and how to book. 

Screen shot of WIX dashboard

Your Dashboard brings together all your business tools to give you a complete overview of your operations. It offers insights into sales, customer interactions, and website traffic, facilitates effective task organization and team collaboration. This streamlined tool is efficient and helps save time, promoting the expansion of your business. Track customers, send email campaigns, post to social media, manage employees, create events and manage attendies.  The amount of tools is endless! 

Screenshot of WIX invoicing system

Invoicing should be easy.   Collect payments from your phone or send an invoice by email, text or a link. Our websites make it easy to collect money.  Or maybe you need to send a quote to be approved.  This can be done from your phone or computer and your customers can do the same.    It's time to run your business the right way.   

15 Years Experience

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Why Choose Us

The Way We Do It

Our journey begins where conventionality ends. We have never been accustomed to the word "impossible".

At Business First Web Design we are exceptionally skilled at our craft. Challenges are our guiding stars, and innovation is our 
trusted compass.

With a legacy deeply rooted in the artistry of web design our team transforms your ideas into exquisite works of functional art. To us, each project is an embodiment of our dedication to excellence, a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection.

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Project Spotlight

Enduro With Me, Chemainus, BC

Enduro With Me is an online retail store for dirt biking.  Our clients wanted a website that felt more like a community than a store.  

Screen shot of Enduro With Me home page.

This is a screen shot of the home page we designed.  The most important feature is being able to see what the website is about and what they offer in the first 1-3 seconds on the home page. 

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