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About Business First Web Design

The Birth of Web Design:
Where It All Started

Years of frustration, clutter and pure chaos have lead to the creation of something simple.   As a business owner, I was tired of having to keep up with technology.  I was ending up with multiple apps, programs and platforms that I had to jump between to run my business.  One was for marketing, one was for accounting, another for scheduling my employees and customers.   It was so overwhelming.   Then I found WIX. 


WIX is a website platform.  As a web developer this tool changed everything.  Websites I designed were always updated with the newest code.   New features were easy to learn about and add to sites.   And the best part, I can run every aspect of my business from "ONE" platform.  


After finding WIX, I quickly became a WIX Partner and dedicated all my efforts into promoting this website platform 
to my clients.   I know strictly only build websites on this platform for the basic reason that it is truly the best for all business owners.   


- Matthew Tyson, Owner

Our Process

Initial Assessment


About You 

Our first step is to get to know you as a person.   This can't be skipped.  Your website is a reflection of who you are and how you deal with your customers. 


About Your Business

The next step is to learn about your business.  How people perceive it, how you describe it and most importantly what your goals are for it. 


About Your Competitors

We can't forget about your competition.  It is very important to research what your competition is doing to attract clients to their website. 




We will take all of our research and put together an outline of our interpretation of what your website should look like. 


Feed Back

We will constantly be looking for your feedback and will not launch the website without your approval of every inch of the site. 



Before launching, we will be testing every aspect of the site to ensure smooth operation. 




This is the exciting part!  We will launch your website.  This means your clients can start viewing it. And to ensure they do we will help you send out a welcome email. 


More Testing

Now that the site is live we will test the site as if we are a new prospect looking for your products or services. 



Our team is here to help.  We wont just launch your site and leave you.  We will be here to help train you how to utilize the website and how to use the tools that come with it. 

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