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Project Spotlight

Enduro With Me, Chemainus B.C.

This group was looking for a website that gave more of a community feeling than a retail store.

To do this we created an interactive page where customers could update in real time the conditions of their favorite trails.  

We also installed a dropshipping app to allow Enduro With Me to sell their own branded products with out having to stock them.  These items are shipped right to their customers door.

Drop Shipping


Responsive Forms

CMS System

Their idea was to have a clean looking site.    The focus was to have less of a retail look and more of a community feeling. 

This is a form for customers to fill out.  Once this is completed, the information is sent to a back end CMS.   From there it is automatically reposted onto the list you see in the image on the left. 

This list is updated by customers.  They fill out the form you see to the right and the list is updated automatically.  This interaction is key to creating a website that feels more like a community than a retail store. 

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